Project : PVR Cinemas



Name of the project: Cinema, PVR Cinemas

Location: L&T Metro Mall, Hyderabad

Client: PVR Ltd.

Design Team: Ishvinder Kaur, Vikas Sabharwal

Area: 37550 sq. ft. | 8 Screens

Completion Date: Feb 2018

Photo Courtesy: PVR Ltd.



Hyderabad being nation’s technological center &the city is a milling ground for technology specialists from across the country.With this new cinema in Panjagutta the client brief was to make synergy with the city’s brand projection.

Located in the transit hub of the city, the cinema on the third floor of Metro Mall is conceptualised with an approach to create a fun street style experience that is eclectic & yet integrates seamlessly with the facility.The design direction started with a series of sketches inspired with sound technological projections, integral to the cinema experience. Sound bars with its wave formation became the inspiration for the entire look & feel.

The designer makes patrons arrive in through a pre-function, designed as a panoramic visual and entrance framed right in the middle of the box office with interactive kiosks for tickets and e-ticket counters on both sides. The glazed entrance to the foyer creates an uninterrupted view, allowing comprehensive perspective of the delightful indoors. The canopied entrance with light coves in musical rhythm, pose a formal & lively welcome for its users.

The deep extended foyer branches out to the connections for the eight auditoriums.A selected color palette of soft beige accented with deep burgundy wine give the entire space a tranquil & flavourful characteristic. The lighting design of this space makes for a key feature with chandelier suspensions,custom-made in woven copper chains, in long linear recesses streaming down in waveform&alternated with embedded downlight in coves& linear light alcoves.  The flooring & ceiling accentuated in an overall barcode pattern brings to the fore an arrayed semblance. Dark brown and light beige Italian marble in the flooring, overall high gloss dark wood laminate and accent copper metal & mirrors with SS metal inlay on doorsbrings about a visually sophisticated ambience.

Here, the civil structure was a low height linear space with large dominant columns as part of metro facility planning thus, requiring a design approach that would make the entire experience flow like a celebration street with f&b on both sides. Hence, the foyer included food kiosks at one side and a magnificent concession space on the other. The concession counter comprised of a wooden canopy with cove lights and fascia lit with narrow stone slits conferring it a distinctive persona within the expanse. The stout columns were panelled in a resonance with the sound bar concept giving it a visually taller dimension complete with infinite effect lighting.

Moving onto the left of the concessionaire, one discovers the entrance to the playhouse auditorium which is a cinema experience designed exclusively for kids; constituting numerous animations of cartoon characters, tube slide, swing seats and seats modelling frogs. This genre of auditorium is a brand-new concept introduced, for the city. The cinema space introduces eight screens with 4k resolution each & 3 of which are equipped with Dolby Atmos surround sound and 3D functionality.

A separate seating space is specifically created near the entrance of every auditorium with linear marble seats aligning the walls. These walls are detailed in houndstooth fabric textured wall paper and metallic copper elements used to frame media panels. The grandeur of the auditoriums, is glorified with LED light patterned analogous geometric forms that sustain uniformity with the overall design mood. Red bold color palette and carpeted flooring with interlocking circular patterns are used to interweave the charm of a classic theatre.

The washroom spaces at both ends of the domain acquire a color palette that flows from the main story, in a combination of dark brown & crème. With glass mosaic in copper metallic & black on vanity walls, the washroom exudes classic functionality. Eclectic red seating unfurls a hint of luxury to the space.  Low height counter space for kids is provided in both the washrooms, aiding to the kids& family friendly premise of the project.

This multiplex design was inspired from the idea of film technology itself, comprehended in the barcode theme spread all across the region; symbolic of sound bar patterns making bar wave simulations which became the starting point for the design script. Hence, ivpartners successfully managed to build an affordable cinema for the IT city of the country, which imbibes a soft playful ambiance, while creating a conjunction withseamless functionality.