The Gran Carmen Project

Fact File:
Name of project: The Gran Carmen Project
Design Firm: The KariGhars
Principal Designer/Architect: Abhishek Chadha
Built-up Area of project: 8000 sq. ft
Project Location: Sarjapur Road, Bangalore.

Located at one of the prime residential and commercial hotspots in Sarjapur road, Bangalore,
Saurabh’s Residence in Gran Carmen Address is a uber-luxury villa that offers calm and cosy
interiors. The glamorous villa is designed in a modern contemporary style, with utmost grandeur
and sophistication.
Although the interiors are predominantly painted with pastels, each space in the house is
exclusively designed to reflect the personality of the user. The home office, exceptionally
designed for Saurabh, is an energetic and exhilarating space with glistening white walls and
ceilings, spirited with productivity and creativity. The office is furnished with wooden shelves
holding green plants and golden decors that add a sense of opulence to the interior. The
contrasting grey cushions and the glossy black tables at the corner, ideally complement the
bright white palette of the room.
The daughter’s room is designed to be a mix of peach and orange with shades of greys and
blues. While on the other hand, the son’s bedroom is filled with hues of blues. Being uncommon
in design, the bed is placed at the center of the son’s room. It makes the interior even more
beautiful. The sleek white wardrobe is confined beyond the bedrest and a smaller study table
takes a corner of the room. The neutral shades of grey in the cushions, and the polished wooden
finishes on the floors naturally build a coherence with the blues of the bedroom.
The modern minimalistic chandelier-like pendant lights, hanging at the ceiling, become the point
of attraction in the living room. Despite the subtle shades of whites and greys in the hall, a bright
blue couch and the golden yellow carpet that are stowed at the center strike out of the entire
space, grabbing all our attention. The decorative lights are hung at places to illuminate the
wooden furnishes that surround the living room. The pops of green plants all around the room
instill a calm and soothing vibe to the space. The pooja room is a striking contrast to the living
room and is filled with bright colours and vibrant hues, transmitting happiness and positivity.
The contemporary interior is given a splash of neo-classic touch in the design of the family
room next to the living room. It is conceived and crafted as an exquisite space for the family to
gather and have a happy time together. This neo-classical interior includes a fireplace in focus,
with soothing blue sofas at the center. The black and white carpet with embellishing patterns
and the textured stone walls above the fireplace, showcase the neo-classical beauty. The
beautiful buddha at the core of the golden reflections reflects a sense of spirituality in the family
room. The master bedroom, on the other hand, with beiges and whites perfectly displays the
beauty of simplicity.
The compact kitchen is perfectly confined with proper accessories. The charm of the kitchen
lies in the amalgamation of the bright and black units with the glossy white countertop. The
shiny slender pathway, from the living room, sided with stone walls leads to a vast green open
space, finished with gleaming wooden flooring, that allows for breezy outdoor discussions,
amidst the serene greens. The entire home is furnished with sustainable materials and
energy-efficient LED lights, that spread a sense of comfort and delight in the interior.
Thus, with the enormous input from extremely passionate clients, every corner of the entire
1000-square feet house turned out to be exquisite and unique. This modern contemporary home
stands as an example of extravagance and elegance, emphasising luxury and richness.