Project Story | Modern Coastal | RB House of Design

Fact File

Name of the project: Modern Coastal

Location– Nepeansea Road, Mumbai

Area – 1800 sq ft

Initiation date – April 2021

Completion date – May 2022

Design Team– Rohit Bhoite, Lina Kobeissi

Photo courtesy – Talib Chitalwala

Interior stylist – Samir Wadekar

Imagine the overwhelming emotions that wash over you as you step into a dwelling adorned with calming neutrals, revealing an extraordinary ocean vista. Serving as a shining example of this concept, Mumbai’s Modern Coastal, spanning 1800 square feet, stands as a testament to the creative brilliance of Rohit Bhoite, Principal Designer of RB House of Design, and Lina Kobeissi of LSK Interiors. With an acute understanding of the client’s desire for a sanctuary that seamlessly merges comfort and pride, the designers embarked on a journey to craft a captivating haven—a refuge where the entire family can flourish and where every gathering with friends and extended loved ones is transformed into a cherished and inviting affair. Unfolding the creative voyage, their vision transcended boundaries, skillfully fusing contemporary coastal aesthetics with timeless elegance, resulting in a home that emanates genuine allure and sophisticated charm.

Placing utmost emphasis on highlighting the breathtaking ocean vistas, the design approach for the primary areas centered around a modern, refined, and neutral aesthetic. Nevertheless, the designers astutely acknowledged the significance of infusing elements that provoke astonishment and pleasure throughout the space. This deliberate decision gave way to the integration of features that evoke excitement and a daring spirit, forging an enrapturing atmosphere within the residence. The outcome is an impeccable fusion of serenity and exhilaration, where the mesmerising panoramas and unexpected design elements seamlessly converge, offering a truly comprehensive and harmonious design encounter.

The spatial symphony starts with a double swing door unveiling the serene and sleek living and dining area, where natural nude tones and grey Italian marble flooring set the stage for a calming ambience. The colours and reflections of the ocean effortlessly merge with the interior, creating an immersive experience for the users. Delicate wall and cornice details add a touch of splendour, while the adjoining kitchen space injects a playful element with its infusion of vibrant hues and bewitching patterns. Tucked towards the rear of the apartment, the master suite emanates pure luxury. From the master bedroom, one can indulge in the awe-inspiring ocean views, while the beautifully appointed marble bathroom and spacious walk-in closet provide a milieu of comfort and style. The secondary bedroom is also a canvas of opulence, weaving its own narrative, adorned with bold strokes of luxurious and distinctive charm. Simultaneously, boldness and colour are celebrated in select areas, most notably in the powder room adorned with vibrant tiles and an enchanting motif wallpaper.

Throughout the entire home, the consistent use of luxurious and natural materials consonantly contributes to an atmosphere of refined sophistication. A carefully curated palette of muted tones dances harmoniously, accompanied by the grace of grey Italian marble and the enigmatic charm of open-grain black veneer. Delicately fluted wall paneling whispers tales of texture and elegance, unveiling a world of tactile delight.

As the sun paints its brushstrokes across the horizon, the abode comes alive, capturing the ever-changing hues of the ocean’s enchanting melody. The culmination of this artistic expedition is a triumph of modern appeal and coastal allure. It is a testament to the intimate connection between luxury and nature, seamlessly blending bespoke craftsmanship with the magnificence of the ocean’s embrace. In Modern Coastal, comfort finds its sanctuary, sophistication finds its stage, and the symphony of design unfolds in perfect harmony with the enticing backdrop of the sea.