ADARSH PALM RETREAT – An Indian Adobe of Cultural Richness

Name of the project: Adarsh Palm Retreat, Bangalore

Design Team: Abhishek Chadha

Area (Sq.ft): 3400 sqr feet

Start / Completion date: Jan 2023 – June 2023

Budget: Confidential

Photo courtesy: Dark Studio


‘Adarsh Palm Retreat’ is a modern four-bedroom sanctuary crafted by The KariGhars, led by Founder Abhishek Chadha and his team. Inspired by a profound connection to Indian culture, the client, an artist herself, envisioned a home that seamlessly weaves classical Indian elements throughout every space, resulting in a vibrant living gallery filled with personal expressions. In an era where the blending of cultures is of utmost significance, this project serves as a prime example of how the fusion of tradition and contemporary design can harmoniously coexist, providing residents not just with a residence, but with a rich sensory journey.

The core concept is to create a space that harmoniously merges both style and comfort, cultivating a functional and welcoming ambiance by skillfully blending traditional and modern furnishings.

In this context, the living room showcases a captivating ensemble of furnishings and decor. A classic Chesterfield couch exudes timeless charm, thoughtfully paired with modern armchairs that contribute a sleek touch. The wooden coffee table exudes natural warmth, with its intricate surface patterns adding layers of depth that enchant with their artistic appeal. Soft, diffused lighting envelops the space in an atmosphere of tranquility, perfectly complementing the light gray walls and sheer curtains that gently filter in natural light. The room comes to life with the understated elegance of the table’s intricate designs, forming a focal point where serenity and artistic craftsmanship seamlessly converge.

Continuing further, one encounters an informal seating area adjacent to the kitchen. This space serves as a platform for savoring culinary artistry and promotes a harmonious blend of social interactions within the household.

The journey through the house begins in the first of the four rooms, a modern bedroom infused with a delightful touch of minimalism. The walls are adorned in a soft shade of light green, creating a tranquil and calming ambiance that instantly relaxes the mind. As you step onto the wooden floor, you feel a sense of warmth and a connection to nature surrounding you. The bed, crafted from the same wood, features a simple yet elegant design that radiates subtle sophistication. Carefully integrated jute accents introduce an earthy, organic element that seamlessly blends with the room’s serene and spacious atmosphere.

Moving on to the kids’ room, you’ll discover a delightful dressing area nestled in one corner. It features a mirror and a cupboard adorned with world map designs on its doors and drawers. Beyond adding to the adventurous theme, this map encourages the child’s exploration of different countries and cultures, transforming the process of learning into an engaging and captivating journey.

In this vibrant children’s room, creativity takes center stage on a pristine white canvas. Furniture inspired by LEGO sparks imaginative play, accompanied by a colorful collection of LEGO-themed furnishings that amplify the playful charm of the room. A heartwarming collage on one wall preserves cherished memories, while an inviting chalkboard encourages artistic expression. The light wood bed provides a cozy haven for dreams, adorned with whimsical cartoon bedsheets. A table serves as a home for an array of small cartoon figurines, ready for future adventures. This space is meticulously designed to nurture imagination and ignite endless joy.

Entering the adjacent area, you’ll discover the study room, a prime example of modern functional design. The walls, adorned with a harmonious blend of grey and brown, envelop the space in a serene ambiance. The wooden desk embodies elegant simplicity, providing a clean and spacious workspace. Enhanced by blinds, the window offers control over the flow of natural light and warmth. Positioned next to the desk, a well-organized shelf accommodates an extensive collection of books, accessories, and decorative pieces. The chair, skillfully combining comfort and support, invites hours of focused study. Embracing the principles of minimalism, this room creates an environment that effortlessly channels purpose and elevates productivity.

The final room, originally a bedroom, has been transformed into a cozy lounge where residents can unwind in comfort. Adorned in soothing beige, the walls set a tranquil atmosphere, and the upholstered and wooden furniture harmoniously coexist. A spacious couch beckons for relaxation, complemented by a functional wooden coffee table and strategically placed accent chairs that enhance social seating. At the center of the room’s charm, a large flat-screen TV stands ready for movie nights, gaming sessions, and streaming pleasures. Personal touches are evident in the decor, which includes a dedicated space for worship, artworks, cherished photos, and lush plants that both invigorate and purify the air. Each piece of art and photograph reflects the unique interests and spirit of the inhabitants.

In a seamless fusion of modern and traditional elements, this transformed bedroom now thrives as an oasis of refinement and comfort. The clever integration of a temple within a wardrobe showcases intelligent use of space, adding a distinctive touch. With a discerning eye for both functionality and allure, this room not only captivates but also warmly embraces, creating a space that resonates both visually and experientially.

This dwelling goes beyond being just a living space, it evolves into an immersive adventure that transports its occupants into the heart of an artistic masterpiece. Here, the interplay of aesthetics and intellect is expertly intertwined, resulting in an architectural marvel that blurs the lines between function and artistry. Each room, meticulously curated, comes together to create a harmonious symphony of design that aligns with the inhabitants’ aspirations and sensibilities. This home isn’t merely a collection of rooms; it’s a narrative woven into every line, color, and texture—an unfolding journey that invites exploration, contemplation, and solace within this space of beauty and purpose.