Project name:  United Coffee House

Typology: Hospitalaity

Project location: Chandigarh

Completion: December 2019

Gross Built Area: 2750 sq.ft

Design Team – Abhigyan Neogi, Dhruv DV, Dev Gakhar, Amandeep Kaur, Muskan Kapoor

Photo credits: Dhruv DV



United Coffee House Rewind, a chic offshoot of the legendary 75-year-old United Coffee House is a thrilling design venture by Chromed Design Studio. ‘Rewind’ confers upon the reinvention of the brand where the old-world charm of the brand is retained while transforming its spirit into a chic yet contemporary setting.  Located in Chandigarh, this restro-bar amplifies the regal charm and diverse characteristics of the city and gives it a much-needed breakthrough from the cliché café culture. The design scheme was set to achieve a gleaming environment for the reinvention of this venerable brand with a unique mix of classical styles infused with a contemporary burst of colours where all the revellers could come together under one roof to have a rendezvous.

A giant door subsumed in an expansive arch welcomes the guests into this experiential avant-garde outlined for people who have an affinity for exclusive aesthetics. The elusive façade is contrived with glass cladding and brass lattice embodying arches.

Upon entering the space, one experiences an inordinately patterned seating area while being greeted with boho-chic lighting features, pattern tiles on the floor and solid colour blocking with presiding hints of blue. The overall design language of the space is intentionally tied together using arches of various scales and sizes, which can be seen throughout the different zones of the restaurant. The brass lattice (jaali pattern) in compliance with the theme stimulated by arches runs all across the sphere. The comprehensively used Sabyasachi inspired wallpaper here emanates a robust demeanour to the space.

Moving further to the main dining space through an enormous arch, one enters into a transition area manifested from the timeline of divergent eras of architecture. The first thing one may notice in here is the Baroque print in the vaulted ceiling that oozes opulence and grandeur. This dramatic print forms to be a reminisce of gothic stained-glass windows leaving a colossal impression on the patron’s mind. An enormous candelabra chandelier dangles from this painstakingly done ceiling making a statement while rendering a timeless appeal to the ceiling design. A giant glass ellipse with a pattern similar to the brass lattice formulated with vinyl stickers, forefronted by the DJ area next catches the eye of the visitors. An array of arch-shaped mouldings on the walls confining bohemian artwork serves to be the focal facet for the very interior design scheme. The intricate carpet design below the authentic United Coffee House seating configuration further augments the magnificence. The lit bar backdrop encompassing waffle slab circumscribed in an arch, serving as the showstopper for the walkthrough.

The glamorous booth seating on the right flanked by heavy curtains is again transitioned through splendid orange arches with ornate white motifs embellished upon, setting up the true fashion of the space. The booths are segregated assimilating the arch-shaped brass lattice accentuating the stunning ornamentation and luxe. This amorous setup works as a masterstroke for the entire area.

“United Coffee House rewind” with a prepossessing ambience and a brew of eras of architecture timeline exudes modernity with its bold expressions. The design tends to connect past and present while resonating the glam of different design styles and balancing out the hackneyed imprints of architecture history.