Tata Signa 1918.K with the Fuel Intelligent 5L Turbotronn engine – Har Boond Mein Bachat

Key highlights:
Powered by fuel intelligent Tata 5.0l Turbotronn Engine
180 HP @ 2200 rpm | Torque 700 Nm @ 1000-2000 rpm
Flat torque curve with high low end torque and low RPM engine for excellent fuel economy and gradient performance
Advanced technology Engine features :
4 valves per cylinder for high power density
Centrifuge oil filter for enhanced service intervals
Bedplate for improved NVH and low distortion
Multi-Mode Fuel Economy Switch

With construction and infrastructure sectors on the rise, on the back of renewed Government focus on these sectors and renewed demand in housing, the need for construction material is on the rise. A spurt of development activities is seen in urban and semi-urban areas with renewed interest in housing and commercial spaces. Space constraints in Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities has fuelled re-development of existing housing units to cater to the growing housing consumer market. In such applications, construction and infrastructure contractors and construction material suppliers seek tippers, which can enhance the productivity, lower maintenance costs and can navigate through narrow streets, dense traffic with least fuel consumption.
The Tata Motors Construck MCV tippers have always been the preferred choice for customers with the wide range of product options that ensure sustained profitability for the business. The Construck Signa 1918.K, an 18.5-tonne MCV offering, has been developed grounds-up to ensure high enhanced productivity, lower ownership costs and usage versatility.
The Construck Signa 1918.K features the proven Fuel Intelligent Tata 5.0-litre Turbotronn engine delivering 180hp @ 2200 rpm. Its 4 valves per cylinder architecture allows high power density and thereby ensuring better load capabilities. The high 700 Nm torque rating at low rpm, coupled with a wide flat torque curve ensures less downshifts, superior driveability and enhances fuel economy of the vehicles, even in fully loaded driving conditions. The 2-mode drive switch, allows the driver the freedom to choose the best power-torque combination based on the load-terrain-speed requirements. These inherent features maximise the vehicle productivity and minimise the fuel consumption for the vehicle, thereby ensuring higher revenue and lower operating costs.
This next-generation engine introduces technologically-advanced features like centrifuge oil filters with longer oil intervals which ensure lower operating cost. Its well-tuned NVH characteristics guarantee smoother and quieter engine operations.
This powerhouse paired perfectly with the suitably engineered 380mm dia organic clutch and a 6-speed Tata G750 gearbox ensures good pickup, faster turnaround and enhanced driveability – a key requirement in these applications. Heavy-duty and proven chassis aggregates ensure enhanced load carrying capability and load versatility. The technologically advanced iCGT Brakes ensure cooler braking operations,thus improving the brake life by up to 40%. They also result in enhanced tyre life, further reducing the operating costs.
The comfortable and spacious Signa cabin provides a fatigue-free driving experience. Wider front windshield, large side windows, wider rear view mirrors and front blind spot mirror ensures all-round visibility – critical to driving in traffic and narrow streets. The adjustable tilt& telescopic steering wheel and the self-adjusting driver seat provide the appropriate seating posture. The Signa cabin is mounted on two suspension elements which helps filter out the bumps and vibrations. These features makes the Signa 1918.K comfortable and easy to drive in city traffic and also on bumpy and broken semi-urban and rural roads.
These tippers are available as fully built vehicles with 36m and 32m wheel base options configured to 10.5m³ and 4.5m³ box body respectively. Customers prefer these fully-built options to further maximise their earning potential.
The Construck Signa 1918.K comes with the standard fitment of Fleet Edge – Tata Motors’ next-gen digital solution for optimal fleet management, to further increase the uptime and reduce the total cost of ownership. Owners and operators can remotely track their vehicle, the vehicle performance, drivers’ performance, fuel economy and also get instant notification in case of fuel theft. The Fleet Edge is offered with a free subscription of 6 years.
The Construck Signa 1918.K comes with the best-in-the-industry warranty of 6 years / 6000 hours*. Tata Motors also offers Sampoorna Seva 2.0 and Tata Samarth – the company’s commitment to commercial vehicle driver welfare, uptime Guarantee, on-site service, and customised annual maintenance and fleet management solutions. These services can be suited to the customer’s unique business requirements.

*T&C apply