Tata Motors ‘Construck’ Range Of Mining Tippers Productivity Guaranteed!

The Mining sector is the backbone of the country’s growing economy, by providing valuable raw materials required by all major Industries. Sectors like power generation depend on continuous feeding of large amounts of coalfor thermal power plants. With Industrial output and Infrastructure on the rise, the need for iron ore, limestone, stone and other minerals / ores are growing as well. Growth in Irrigation Projects involving building of dams, tunnels, culverts, canals as well propel the demand.
The Tata Motors ‘Construck’ Range of Mining Tippers have always been the preferred work horse in the mining operations of Coal, Iron Ore, Minerals, Stone, and Limestone as well as a wide range of operations in irrigation and infrastructure applications like tunnelling, canal building and soil movement. These technologically advanced tippers are built robustly to ensure continuous, round-the-clock operations –meeting production targets and project timelines.
These powerful 300HP tippers, in 28-tonne and 35-tonne configurations,feature the Cummins ISBe 6.7L 6-cyl BS6 Engine. Their high 1100Nm torque coupled with well-engineered Transmission and Rear-Axle configurations ensure high pulling power and gradeability – a key necessity in mining and irrigation applications. This high torque at low engine speeds coupled with a wide, flat torque curve ensures lesser gear shifts, superior driveability and enhances fuel economy of the tippers, while reducing the fatigue of drivers over long hours. These trucks feature 3 unique technologically advanced drive modes – Light, Medium and Heavy – which allows the driver to choose the best power-torque combinations based on the load-terrain-speed requirements. Selection of the Heavy mode maximises the pulling potential during laden uphill trip and selection of the Light mode during empty return trips ensures higher fuel economy. These features maximise the vehicle productivity and minimise the fuel consumption for the vehicle, thereby ensuring higher revenue and lower operating costs.
Their fully reinforced chassis frame is robust and durable to sustain heavy loads on undulating terrain. Heavy duty Clutch, Gearbox and planetary hub-reduction rear axles ensure high pulling power with high uptime, faster turn around time and low maintenance costs. The heavy-duty bogie suspension lends a strong muscle to carry the heavy loads across difficult terrain and provides high dynamic stability in off-road conditions. The New Generation Technology (NGT)brake systems ensure cooler braking operations thereby improving the brake life by upto 40%. They also result in enhanced tyre life. A choice of long-lasting mining tyres: in sizes 12×24 and 11×20,ensure right traction for the application.
Hill Start, a technologically advanced feature, ensures safer uphill drive by momentarily preventing the tipper from rolling back thereby allowing the driver to safely navigate up the slope while reducing both tyre and clutch wear. The Engine Brake ensures superior downhill control through engine compression release thereby increasing the life of service brake and tyres. The Cabin could be completely tilted to ensure for the occasional need of easy access to aggregates for service and diagnostics thereby reducing the service and repair time. These features reinforce the ‘Power of Lower Total Cost of Ownership’, through sustained lower operating costs and lower maintenance costs and at the same time ensure higher uptime and higher revenue for the operator.
The Premium and Tough Prima Cabin provides a fatigue-free driving experience, allowing for prolonged hours of operations in tough and harsh environmental conditions. The Tilt & Telescopic steering wheel and adjustable driver seat provide comfortable seating posture suitable for long work hours. The Prima Cabin is independently suspended at 4-points thereby ensuring enhanced vibration damping, seating comfort and stability. The all-steel cabin also features conveniently placed rear-view mirror and blind spot mirror to ensure utmost safety in mines.
These tippers are available as fully-built vehicles with multiple wheel base options configured to a wide range of heavy duty box (16/20/23 m³) and scoop (16/19m³)body configurations. These heavy-duty tipper bodies are built with the strong, tough Hardox material to ensure longer life and Customers prefer these fully-built options for superior quality and faster deployment into operations.
With our endeavour to ensure high uptime for fleet owners, Platinum Plus Comprehensive Onsite AMC with Uptime Guarantee is offered with industry best commitment on uptime at fleet level for 2 years with varying hours coverage based on the duty cycle and applications.
The Tata ‘Construck’ Range Of Mining tippers are fitted with Fleet Edge – Tata Motors’ next-gen digital solution for effective fleet management, to increase uptime, productivity and reduce the total cost of ownership. Owners and operators could remotely track their vehicle, its performance, driver’s performance, fuel economy and also get instant notifications in case of any fuel theft. The Fleet Edge is offered with a free subscription for 6years.
The ‘Construck’ Range Of Mining Tippers come with the best-in-the-industry warranty coverage of 6 years / 6000 hours*. Tata Motors also offers Sampoorna Seva 2.0 and Tata Samarth – our commitment to commercial vehicle driver welfare, uptime Guarantee, on-site service, and customised annual maintenance and fleet management solutions. These services can be suited to the customer’s unique business requirements.