Tata Motors Construck “Carry More! Earn More!!”

Key highlights:

  • Specialised vehicle offerings ensuring Higher Revenue with Lower Operating Costs / Ton-km
  • Powered by Cummins Engine and custom engineered aggregates – for sustained operations
  • Technologically-advanced features like multi-mode FE switch for lower fuel and operating costs – Equipped with innovative features like Hill Start Assist (HSA) , Engine Brake, iCGTBrakes for enhanced safety and lower maintenance costs
  • Industry-first factory-fitted advanced electronic system with sensors to detect and prevent a possible topple while tipping
  • High Volume, High strength Load body offerings across tipper tonnage segments
  • Unmatched 6 years / 6 lakh kilometre warranty on select models

The surface movement of raw materials is undergoing a transformation. The need for bulk transport is on the rise on the back of renewed focus on construction, infra, power, cement and steel sectors. Growth in infrastructure and roads has ensured enhanced connectivity and has opened markets which were deemed to be disconnected for economic gains. The challenge of skilled drivers shortage is leading to a further rise in bulk transport. Customers are now coming to realise the benefits of bulk transport – higher revenue per vehicle and lower operating cost / tonne of material moved resulting in higher overall profitability.
Tata Motors, with its keen focus on ‘Customer First’ philosophy, has introduced a wide range of products focused on these requirements. The BS6 tippers are technologically advanced to fulfil not just the performance requirements of such applications but also to ensure the higher revenues, lower operating costs and enhanced safety for the customers.

Construck offers the following high capacity load bodies at various tonnage nodes to ensure higher business productivity:
Signa 4825.TK – 29 m3 box body
Signa 4225.TK – 24 m3 box body
Signa 3525.TK – 23 m3 box body
Signa 2825.TK – 18 m3 box body
Signa 1923.K – 12 m3 box body

These load bodies are built with high-strength steel and high-capacity hydraulic tipping kits to ensure sustained operation over longer period of time, ensuring lower maintenance costs and lower operating costs.
These vehicles powered with the world-renowned Cummins BS6 engines having numerous features to ensure higher fuel efficiency, lower maintenance and operating costs.
The high torque rating of the engines, at low rpm, coupled with a wide flat torque curve ensures less downshifts, superior driveability, reduces driver fatigueand enhances fuel economy. Three unique technologically advanced drive modes – Light, Medium and Heavy – ensure the best power-torque combination based on the load-terrain-speed requirements. These engines are powered with well engineered power train and chassis aggregates to ensure higher turnaround, sustained load carrying capability, thereby ensuring higher revenue and lower operating costs.
A slew of innovative vehicle features ensures enhanced safety with lower maintenance costs
Hill Start Assist (HSA), an unique feature, ensures safer uphill drive by momentarily preventing the tipper from rolling back thereby allowing the driver to safely navigate up the slope while reducing both tyre and clutch wear.
The Engine Brake ensures superior downhill control through engine compression release thereby increasing the life of service brake and tyres
The iCGT Brake systems ensure cooler braking operations thereby improving the brake life by up to 40%. They also result in enhanced tyre life
The comfortable and spacious Signa cabin with features like Tilt & Telescopic steering system, auto-adjust driver seats, cockpit like ergonomic controls, centrally mounted Blind spot mirror, powerful air conditioning ensuring fatigue-free and safe driving experience
The Signa 4825.TK and Signa 4225.TKTrucks are equipped with advanced electronic system with tilt sensors to detect and prevent a possible topple while tipping, thus increasing the safety of the driver and the operators
These features and offerings reinforce the ‘Power of Lower Total Cost of Ownership’and ensure higher uptime and higher revenue for the Operator.
Fleet Edge – Tata Motors’ next-gen digital solution for optimal fleet management, helps to further increase the uptime and reduce the total cost of ownership. Owners and operators can remotely track their vehicle, the vehicle performance, driver’s performance, fuel economy and also get instant notification in case of fuel theft.
The Signa 4825.TK and Signa 4225.TK Tippers offer the best-in-the-industry warranty of 6 years / 6 Lakh kilometres. Tata Motors also offers SampoornaSeva 2.0 and Tata Samarth – the company’s commitment to commercial vehicle driver welfare, uptime Guarantee, on-site service, and customised annual maintenance and fleet management solutions. These services would be best suited to each and every customers’ unique business requirements.