Mr. P.V. Varghese, CEO, Glazing and Metal Works Division, SOBHA Ltd.

Brief us about the glorious journey of Sobha Ltd. & How long you have been in glazing & metal business in the Indian market?

SOBHA is the only real estate company with a self-reliant, backward integrated business model, enabling it to produce key construction components in-house, from concrete products to aluminum windows and major woodwork for interiors. The SOBHA Glazing and Metal Works (G&MW) Division, a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility based in Bengaluru, was set up in the year 2000 and manufactures materials like aluminium doors, windows, structural glazing, SS cladding, architectural metal works and pre-engineered buildings. The core focus of the division is to develop products that are high in quality and can last longer.
Our growth story started 20 years ago when Glazing and Metal Works Division was a small division at that time. However, the division was still able to generate a turnover of Rs. 2 crores then. In the last financial year, we have been able to do a total of Rs. 280 crores. The division has been growing at a rate of 33% CAGR since FY-16.
Today, Glazing and Metal Division of SOBHA Limitedcan successfully execute projects for prestigious organizations like Infosys, ITC Limited, Wipro and real estate clients and customers.

What do you see as the main challenges faced by your industry?

Every industry has its own set of challenges, but when it comes toGlazing and Metal Worksand the fenestration industry, delivering a product with refined quality is very important and many people in the industry tend to compromise on the quality of products due to the tight project deadlines. This results in the delivery of damaged doors and windows. Windows and doors play a very important role in a project and it is impossible to think of a building without them. Fenestrations of poor quality can affect an entire building.
At SOBHA, we have gained laurels for the quality of the materials that we use to manufacture products of global standards. We take care of the minute details in every project that we take up and leave no room for mistakes. We make sure that all the procedures are followed accurately during the installation of windows and doors to ensure it is damage free.

What keeps your company ahead of its competitors in terms of products & services offered?

First, we make sure that all the products that are delivered and the services that are provided are of topmost quality. Being in the industry for over 20 years, we have gained trust of our customers and our clientele using our eye for details. At every level of manufacturing, we ensure a process called snagging, which does meticulous quality checks and makes sure to continue these quality checks till the property is ready for handover. Secondly, we focus towards guaranteeing perfection and customer satisfaction.
It is notable that SOBHA is one of the first Indian companies to have a technical collaboration with ‘Schuco International KG’ and is an authorized market dealer in the country.

How do you see the glazing & metal industry evolving over the next 5 years?

The Glazing and Metal Industry has started gaining momentum in India. Today, customers are more aware of the importance of using glass. The residential sector has already started seeing demand for larger window spaces and glass doors for better light andventilation. Further, implementation of noise reduction techniques in residential units like apartments and houses which were earlier used by the hospitality sector has amplified. Considering all these recent trends, it is needless to say that the demand for window and façade innovations and advancements will gradually increase over the years.

Throw some light on your company facilities & structure.

The Glazing and Metal Works division of SOBHA manufactures international quality products in a state-of-the-art facility. SOBHA has a full-fledged factory space of 1,30,000 square feet for production. Since the division started functioning in 2000, we have focused on providing high quality products for our customers. Over the years, the growth of the division has been very progressive owing to the rapidly evolving construction sector. Commercial buildings have been evolving faster that led to performing creative experiments using modern technologies.To achieve very high-performance building façades in terms of insulated and acoustic façade, continuous innovative value engineering involving right professionals are offered to our clients. Facility can do any metal requirements pertaining to building industry using aluminium, glass, mild steel and stainless steel.