Mr. Gagan Pal- Vice President- Head of Sales, Marketing & Service at Honda India Power Products Limited

How large is the Indian Water Pump Market and what is HIPP’s share?

Indian water pump market is estimated to be 600,000 units/yr, however, 80% of this market is dominated by bulky and old-technology based diesel engine powered water pumps. Honda has been the pioneer in introducing light weight, compact, fuel efficient and environment friendly advance OHV technology based 4 Stroke water pumps offering unmatched fuel economy and performance to farmers across India.

Currently Honda commands over 95% share of the Gasoline market and aims to further consolidate its leadership position by entering the diesel fueled market and replacing the current diesel water pumps by showcasing superior performance of our New Models WB20XD & WB30XD.

What is the objective behind the launch of the New Water Pump?

The objective is to help increase farmers productivity by providing portable, light weight, fuel efficient and self-priming features in both these new models offering higher discharge through the 2-inch water pump suitable for hilly terrains and more discharge for timely and efficient irrigation from multiple water sources in plain areas through the 3-inch water pump.

The pumps have been introduced after  consolidating the outcome of extensive field surveys, prototype trials & farmer feedback across India.

How does this New Water Pump compare with the available competition brands in the market?

Honda Water pumps are driven by Honda’s OHV(overhead valve)- 4_Stroke technology delivering advantages of unmatched fuel efficiency, portability and best in class performance, easy maintenance & environment friendliness.

Honda’s new pumps further position the entire line up – with offerings to cover wide irrigation segments making them compatible and attachable for flood irrigation, sprinklers, drip all with ease and efficiency.

What are the USP’s of the New Models?

Honda Water Pump WB20XD and WB30XD key features are: –

High head capability by 2-inch for hilly terrains irrigation & High water discharge for 3-inch leading to more water discharge per minute – efficiently.

Portable, Easy to carry, mount and operate

Easy – Minimal effort start capability due to “Recoil Assist Start”

Self-primes to start delivery of water – thus eliminating the need to carry external source of water and loads of sealing material/ time to start the water flow as is done in old technology NON-SELF PRIMING (NSP) pumps

Improved maintenance periods and reliability thru effective Dust ingress resistance by having “Dual Air cleaner”

Where do these Water Pumps find usage?

WB20XD Pump is needed immensely in hilly areas for irrigating farms in hilly terrains due to its high head of 32 Meters capability.

WB30XD’s high discharge capability is needed for timely and efficient – irrigation in plains – as it is capable to deliver immense water @ discharge rate of upto 1100 Liters per minute – increasing farmer’s income.

Any specific regions where this product will be available?

We have a pan India network already serving farmers and customers for over 35 years now.  These Water Pumps can serve wide and diverse needs of irrigation across India.

In addition – hilly / multi terrain/ attachments for micro irrigation farmlands with high head requirements will be served by WB20XD.

How many Models of the New Water Pump are there and how do they differ from each other?

There are two new Water Pump models, One each in 2” and 3” segments:

WB20XD (2”): most needed for farming in Hilly terrain and multi terrain / micro irrigation due to high head and portability with a discharge rate of 670 Litres per minute with 32 meters capability

WB30XD (3”): Most needed for timely and efficient irrigation in limited time window – for cash crops in plains served thru high discharge of 1100 litres per minute @ 24 meters head

The difference between the two models is mainly in the outlet delivery categories

While WB20XD caters to 2 inch and high head delivery category

WB 30 XD caters to 3-inch delivery category requirements with high water requirements in timely irrigation needs

Sizes(L*W*H) and weights of the two pumps are different, being 490*385*410 and 24Kg for WB20XD and 510*385*435 and 25kg for WB30XD.

What are the other products that Honda India Power Products Ltd deals in?

Honda India Power Products Limited (HIPP) serves in the business of manufacturing and marketing of Portable Generators, Water Pumps, Tillers and General-Purpose Engine from its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility at Greater Noida. It is also engaged in the marketing of Lawn Mowers, Water Pumps and Long-tail outboard engines for the Indian market.

Owing to Covid-19, how can customers see a demo of this new model & place orders?

The newly launched Water Pumps are now available at our retail dealerships outlets across the country. Keeping in mind the current guidelines related to COVID pandemic, we will review the ground situation closely and wherever law permits, and situation is conducive, we shall be offering a physical product demonstration to our prospective customers by our company trained Product demonstrators through our company owned Demo Vans maintaining all covid related protocols. These new models are also listed on our company website, optionally, customers can also call on our Toll-Free no. 1800-11-2323 for any Demo/Sales enquiry. We shall also be posting new model information on our Facebook page /hondapowerproductsindia for our customers to know more about these new marvels from Honda.