Mr. Premraj Keshyep Managing Director KYB- Conmat Pvt. Ltd.

“we have been achieving around 45% year on year growth for last nine years and this year also we expected good growth we are despite off the cash crunch in the market we have been able to sell good numbers of machines because of we could realign our product range in time because we knew that it is election year so the demand for bigger batching plant will reduce”




Q : Which are the new products you have launched in the BC India 2018?

Ans: we have launched three main products in BC India 2018 and the most important one product is the tower plant. As you are aware that in cities, space is of biggest problem and  is at a very large premium and major cost of a plant goes into land cost. So if you put a conventional plant in city environment, it requires anything above 5000 sqft. just for the plant. We have solved this problem and have developed a small footing black vertical tower plan, which requires only a space of five hundred square feet. So this is a huge saving in terms of land and cost. Second advantage of our tower plant is , it works under dust free in condition like all the aggregate transfer the aggregate lifting everything is an in closed environment. So there is no dust pollution. If you know the metro cities they have completely banned the use of plants inside the city. Hence we have developed this plant especially for city limits. So we have taking care of both aspects the cost of land space and dust free saving environment. Another product we have launched is a compact skip plant which has got a very small footprint of 9 metre X 2 metre and it can be used for transit mixture filling. Major advantage of that plant is that it does not require a ramp. The loading height of the aggregate hopper is just three meter. So any normal loader can load the aggregate as it don’t require a ramp and also don’t require a foundation. So this is another advantage. The third product we have introduced is fully mobile belt type plant. Anyone can transport it from one location to another location saving lots of time and start production without the foundation. And it is again a very compact footprint, just 12 X 2 meter. So it is a fully  mobile plant which can be utilized at various sites, various editions and always ready to use.

Q: How is the response of BC India 2018?
Ans: It’s good, We have launched three new equipments and display our existing products too. Which is definitely attracting  customers and they have welcoming this new technology. If you look at market, there may be a little down sentiment because of the election result of Rajasthan Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh. But then overall  we got good response. Our customers are also excited about new technology. Hence  good amount of footfalls in exhibition for last three days.

Q: What have been your growth for this current year?
Ans: we have been achieving around 45% year on year growth for last nine years and this year also we expected good growth we are despite off the cash crunch in the market we have been able to sell good numbers of machines because of we could realign our product range in time because we knew that it is election year so the demand for bigger batching plant will reduce. So in time we compensated and added new compact plants. Our sale figure has not gone down. It has gone up and we expect a good growth in this year &still three months are left we are keeping are finger crossed and the coming year will be reasonably good because whoever comes in power the growth will continue. The only thing we have to realign our project portfolio according to the market needs.

Q: Are you looking for any diversification?
Ans: We are not looking for any diversification because we strongly believe that we are concrete experts and we should remain concrete expert. Unlike other people who are spreading their wings in all directions and  are not able to satisfy any one segment, rather we would like to stick to concrete segment only and we are  happy and satisfied with the growth what we have a been achieving from last few years. So we would continue and keeping our identity as a specialist in concrete solutions.

Q: Are you planning for some new technology?
Ans: We have been introducing path breaking technology every year and this year also we have developed new technology. We are adding  a lot of new feature in our contract equipment. We will continue doing so and continue being the technology driver of the concrete equipments in India and let other companies follows our trend set up by our company.
Q: What is your export sales percentage and in which countries?
Ans: We are doing a good amount of export which is close to around to 12% of our domestic market and we are exporting at the moment around twenty five different countries and spreading from far east to southeast Asia. We are even exporting to middle east and in African market we are slowly- slowly increasing our command area and  being a Japanese company we would like to utilize Indian manufacturing base as a global supply hub. So definitely our focus on export is increasing day by day.

Q: Any plan to set-up new manufacturing unit.
Ans: At this moment we have a mother plant in Baroda. This year we are not thinking of any new plant , but certainly in coming year we will be spreading our wings to north India. But this year we would like to focus on the existing planning and increasing the capacity and existing plant.

Q: Brief our readers about your network?
Ans: We  have our own network of sales people. We have regional offices, zonal offices and we have resident sales offices. We would like to continue in the same direction. Even though we have a few dealers also, but we certainly  believe in our sales team and  and setting up a service network all over the country.
Q: Talk about after sales service?
Ans: After sales service is the backbone of our company and we started with service engineer first and then we added sales engineer. Still we believe that our service  back up will give us more enroll in the customers mind and  our focus is on service and we are developing service friendly technologies like our a remote diagnostic feature in our plants, where from our headquarter we can set right the machine at customers site without even service engineer visiting the customers through VPN  or internet. We are  further improving this day by day and developing new technologies.

Q: Are you providing training to your customers?
Ans: we are providing training programmes to customers and  service to people at our factory. We have a state-of-art training center where we simulate the machine , we give them a hand on training over machinery and we also certify them. So  operator is certified by KYB- Conmat .Of course his efficiency in operating the machine will increase.
Q: What is your forecast for the year 2019-2020 ?
Ans: As I said earlier irrespective of election year or the market situation, we will continue to grow. The only thing we should know what is the market needs how to handle that requirement. So if as we already delivered focus from bigger plant is shifting towards compact and a smaller plant and it has given good results and we believe that it will continue in near future irrespective of the outcome of the election or any other problems.