Decor Takeaways for the Inbound Summer By Ar. Manish Dikshit, Aum Architects

Summer has arrived, and with it, the cosy corners and plush furnishings have vanished. The changing of the seasons is an excellent opportunity to alter the decor and ambience of a property. It’s time for some open floor plans, pared-back aesthetics, natural elements and light pastels that evoke a sense of tranquillity and peace, in keeping with our tropical climate. With a few décor touches, the house will be ready to welcome the new season. Though summer design trends may appear to be entirely seasonal, there are a few ways to incorporate them into your year-round decor. Summer decor has a special beauty all of its own. Check out the most recent design trends shared by Ar. Manish Dikshit, Aum Architects, to give the home a summer vibe for the rest of the year.

Make Use Of Natural Components

Seasonal elements may alter the whole ambience of a space, and nothing shouts summer like natural materials. Natural elements boost the tone of a space, making it feel brighter and airier. Summer is defined by lush green trees and blooming flowers. To bring a home into harmony with summer interior design, incorporate nature by spreading plants and flowers. Take a note that keeping a space fresh is ideal.

Indoor plants provide a lot of texture to a room, and their vibrant green colours, patterns, and leaf forms are all quite trendy this summer. Nature-inspired patterns can also be incorporated into the soft furnishings that perfectly tie with the theme of green indoors. This summer, the indoors are bringing the outdoors in, whether it’s through florals or tropical leaves, natural prints or wooden accents. The mild tones of these natural components give strength without dominating the design. Natural greens will form the cornerstone of many interior colour palettes, and green will effectively become the neutral that supports a room’s design and styling. 

Go Biophilic this Summer

By maximising natural light and ventilation, incorporating plants, and using nature-inspired colours and materials, biophilic design concepts connect a space to nature. When it comes to enhancing the interior areas, strive to add rustic, organic, and ecological furniture that can generate a sense of peace with their natural gestures.

The best approach to accomplish this biophilic design style is to incorporate greenery. Reorient things to give the house a new lease on life. Plants improve oxygen levels, and flowers with pleasant scents can improve mood and productivity. Allow the light to come through! There are always alternatives to get natural light in a home, even if there are few windows. Choosing designs that complement natural light will aid in the enhancement of the sunshine. The most effective way to produce a biophilic design in a home is to use eco-friendly materials. Everything from hardwood floors to stone end tables is a wonderful place to start.

Try the Minimalist Route

One of the design trends that never goes out of style is minimalism. This design style not only functions well, but also oozes cleanliness, confidence, and modernism. Coherence is really crucial. Throughout the space, simple furnishings, neutral colour tones, and only important accent fixtures should be used. A minimalist style incorporates the idea that “everything in the space has a place and a reason,” as well as the tagline “less is more.” The harsh summer seems at ease when minimalism is at its peak.

Keep It Gender Neutral

Summer décor ideas are a mix of soft and powerful features. Colours associated with summer home design can include white, ivory, soft grey, and beige. Neutral colours, on the other hand, are stunning all year long, which is why they’re one of the most popular interior design trends. These shades have the advantage of providing an ideal backdrop for whichever colour scheme is chosen by the homeowners and remains to be gender neutral.It becomes extremely simple to include a splash of colour into your design at any time. All that is required is to change out highlights in adaptable décor items as tastes change throughout time. 

Liven up with Pretty Pastels

To liven up your summer home decor, use muted pastel colours. One of the reasons why colourful pastels are so popular in today’s society is their impact on audiences. It’s become a trend, and every industry is jumping on board. These colours enliven the space without being as overpowering as bolder colour choices. The choice of pastel colours makes the space appear more modern. Pastel colours are delicate and lack chromatic content, but they are pleasant to look at. Designers choose a minimalist approach when it comes to pastel shades as it appears to be a trend that will last.

Blue for the win – A Timeless Classic

Blue is a natural choice for summer, as blue tones have become increasingly popular. Blues are suggested for usage as an accent wall or as blue décor to give a space a gracious and calming feel. Include this vivid colour in your design to act as a powerful reminder of clear blue skies and the pleasure of the evening sky on your skin. 

Aum Architect’s collection of summer trends surely must have given you ideas for your own to start now. Happy Summer!