BKT targets a turnover of US $ 2 billion and total annual production of 600,000 MT by 2026

Announces Strategic Approach Designed to Accelerate Growth in India and Worldwide

Balkrishna Industries Ltd. (BKT), the Indian multinational group and a global player in the Off-Highway tire market has announced its plan to become a ‘one-stop-shop’ for the OTR tire market. With a well-designed and significant enhancement planned at the Bhuj plant, BKT aims at annual tire production of 600,000 metric tons (MT) and envisages the achievement of US $2 billion in turnover in three years.

BKT, the ‘Made in India’ flag bearer, reported sales of $1 billion in the financial year 2022, with 335000 MT of production capacity.

Speaking about the business expansion plan, Rajiv Poddar, Joint Managing Director, Balkrishna Industries Limited said, “BKT’s strategic vision includes an allocation plan for future capital expenditures, which will allow the company to expand its manufacturing capacity. By doubling our annual production in the next three years, we aim to revolutionize our business strategy and stay ahead of the curve. With a relentless focus on hard work and innovation, our company is all set to achieve a turnover of US $2 billion by 2026.”

 Mr. Rajiv Poddar, further adds,“India being one of the fastest growing economies in the world and a rapidly expanding OTR sector provides a huge opportunity for BKT. To cater to this demand, we have developed a bouquet of products, which are designed to meet the specific needs of Indian customers, offering durability, reliability, and performance. The next three years, we will continue on the determined path with foresight and commitment, by listening closely to the market needs, and counting on our R&D’s courage and passion”

The BKT’s flagship manufacturing unit at the Bhuj was established in 2012 and by 2022, the plant spread across a total area of 640 acres. The well-designed Bhuj plant comprises state-of-the-art technology and world-class infrastructure that is the game changer for BKT. The extensive manufacturing unit includes manufacturing/production plants, warehouse facilities, raw material storage facilities, carbon black plants, solar panels, a greenhouse, administrative offices, employee living quarters, two R&D centers, and testing tracks.

The advanced facility is equipped with the latest and best machinery, automated production processes overseen by trained personnel, and strict quality control protocols that ensure every tire produced meets the highest standards of quality and performance.In terms of production, the plant ended the year 2022 with its best result ever production of 500 metric tons daily i.e. 182500 metric tons per annum.

With the expansion of the Bhuj plant, BKT to install the latest technology available in the market for tire manufacturing with features that make it possible to work faster and more precisely, while increasing the quantity of production and the overall quality of the finished product. This also means, increasing the sustainability of the manufacturing process and consequently reducing production costs; processes are also becoming increasingly reliable, and most importantly, reduction in occupational risks in addition to the improved working environment.

BKT’s Bhuj plant produces a comprehensive range of off-highway tires, including radial, solid, and bias tires for use in various industries such as agriculture, construction, mining, and industrial applications with over 3,200 SKU products. BKT’s notable sub-brands are the Commander series, the Agrimax series for the agriculture sector; the XL Grip series, the Rock Grip series, BK 6060 series, the Loader Plus series, the Airomax series, the Port King series, the Steer Grip series for the Industrial, Construction sector; the Earthmax series for Earthmover segment and Mineforce for the mining sector. The plant has a warehousing and storage capacity of 7500 tons of tires.