A congruence of traditional and modern in interiors By Suvarna Joshi, Co-Founder and Principal Designer , Intento Architects

Interior design is an ever-evolving vast discipline with innumerable prospects and rapid changes in trends. While some prefer modern and some go back to traditional tastes, there is a sophisticated amalgamation of traditional and modern design resulting in enduring interiors that are classic and elegant. There is a resurgence of traditional flavour in modern interiors, characterized by everything from grand millennialism to materialism. The trademarks of traditional design, including skirted tables, needlepoint pillows, chintz, and floral wallpapers, are making a comeback in the current interior design craze.

A congruence of traditional and modern styles blends the classic forms and vintage appeal of traditional design, with the clean lines and subdued hues of contemporary furnishings. The harmonious balance between the old and new makes a space feel sophisticated and elegant yet laid-back and cosy simultaneously. Here are some helpful suggestions from Suvarna Joshi, Co-Founder and Principal Designer at Intento Architects, to effectively blend traditional and modern styles in home interiors.

  • Adorn the walls with artwork

Traditional homes feature large pieces of framed artwork that adorn the living room and bedroom walls. With the impact of the changing modern trends, the new tradition might be characterised as a wall with multiple artworks with personal expressions. Classic paintings such as Kalamkari art, Warli folk art, or murals can instil a touch of regionalism in modern homes and become the centre of attraction in any interior.

  •  Dress up with natural materials

Being versatile, natural materials synthesise with modern elements such as terrazzo tiles, glass walls, or even blank white walls, bringing a classical charm to the interiors of any style. They can turn your home into a luxurious wellness oasis or a warm and cosy spot for social gatherings. A coffee table in the living room made of stone, a rattan chair or a cabinet in the bedroom can infuse the old-fashioned essence. Wooden floors have become increasingly popular in modern interiors and can instantly transform your home into a mid-century luxury abode.

  •  Revamp Your Furniture Set

Traditional furniture could be upholstered in multi-coloured floral fabrics or clustered patterns. The wooden chairs with intricate details can instantly offer a vintage appeal to a modern space. An eclectic mix of furniture in the new traditional design will give the space a dynamic, engaging, and personalised feel which is far more exciting than just a contemporary bedroom. Place your midcentury modern dresser next to your traditional sleigh bed, with colour, shape, and scale that is in sync with the rest of the decor. 

  • Opt for Statement Pieces

An option from the past was a fussy lampshade style- a pagoda, bell, scalloped, pleated, and more. Clean and basic drum lampshades in either white, black, or a vibrant colour or pattern might be a great choice to blend traditionalism into modern style. Installing contemporary iterations of vintage lighting fixtures such as crystal chandeliers, sconces, or pendants can make a classic statement in homes. Grand crockery units and dining tables can become a focal point, while, on the other hand, even tiny traditional details in furniture or decor can make a great impact on the space. 

 As architects, it is our immanent responsibility to preserve the traditional design, and promote the confluence of design styles while creating novel spaces. It can also induce creativity and inspire us to create various narratives in design, creating an experience of sorts for homeowners.