THIS MONSOON SEASON KEEP THE INSECTS AT BAY By Mr. Manish Bansal, Director & CEO, Window Magic

It’s monsoon time!! For many, monsoons are a much awaited season. It is such a joy to sit by the window side and watch the pitter-patter of raindrops. For the foodies, it is the season to dip into some of the ubiquitous “tea time” snacks which taste better than never before. But the season also has its own pitfalls – in the form of harmful insets that creep into homes and can potentially harm your near and dear ones in the family.

Among a host of rain-borne diseases, Dengue seems to stand out of the crowd. If recent statistics are anything to go by, Bengaluru has seen a steep rise in Dengue cases registering 4000+ cases this year. Lucknow is experiencing a rising trend in fresh dengue cases, with the number crossing the 300-mark. This year (2023) Dengue cases hit a 5-year high in Delhi.

But then there are windows which can be kept closed protecting you from the chill rains and will also keep the harmful insects at bay. Is keeping windows closed the answer? The answer is NO !! If the air inside your home is never exchanged for fresh air, it can become stale and this can lead to other health issues.

It is here INSECT SCREENS are indeed a highly effective option. Insect Screens are considered effective in keeping mosquitoes at bay (the root cause of Dengue and a host of other infections). Insect screens are considered to be superior to mosquito repellents in terms of providing overall protection. Many mosquito repellents contain synthetic chemicals, such as DEET, which can raise concerns regarding their potential health effects. Insect screens, on the other hand, provide a chemical-free solution, making them a safer option, especially for sensitive individuals, pregnant women, and children while maintaining a mosquito-free environment, even when windows and doors are open for ventilation. Moreover, insect screens are not just limited to mosquitoes; they effectively keep out other insects like flies, bees, and wasps. This comprehensive protection further enhances the comfort and safety of your living spaces.

But if you have an exquisite home, are you concerned that installing an insect screen will take away the glamour of your home? Not really. And if they come in uPVC material and in colors that add a touch of finesse and elegance to your home, then why not?

Interestingly, there are various types of insect screens which can be installed to your windows while still retaining the glamour and elegance of your windows.

Pull Down Mesh

Pull Down Mesh system will definitely add extra elegance and upkeep to your abode in terms of remodeling and safety. This glass mesh is fire resistant, dust resistant, water proof and rust proof.

Pleated Mesh

Pleated Mesh was shaped by Japanese and perfected by Germans, ensuring innovation and quality. Avail an extraordinary mesh system with caterpillar chain in order to safeguard your house.

Zig Zag Mesh

Zig Zag meshes come with a “Low Rise Threshold”, thus enabling practically unhindered, no tripping, ingress and/or egress when crossing.

Sliding Mesh

Sliding Mesh screens are widely acclaimed for their compact design, durability and perfect finish. Sliding Mesh can be fitted on the already installed sliding doors & windows. It is available in various customizable options for customers to choose from.