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DesignEx Chronicles of luxury and luminance -A new Era of Design

Luxury brands have managed to carve out a niche which appeals to the cream of the society. The market dealing

Decor Takeaways for the Inbound Summer By Ar. Manish Dikshit, Aum Architects

Summer has arrived, and with it, the cosy corners and plush furnishings have vanished. The changing of the seasons is

How to bring greenery into the facade design By Ar. Robin Sisodiya

In the problem of dense urban expansion and environmental preservation, sustainability is a key necessity, and a green facade (vertical

This summer, let us help redecorate your home By Aashita Chaddha, CFO of The Karighars

The most fascinating spaces are those that change with the seasons. Indian summers, in particular, demand a considerable interior renovation

Boundaries or Boundlessness of Built Environment By Ar. Nikita Bajaj Pathak Founder at Design21

The term built environment touches all aspects encompassing the buildings we live in, generally described as man-made or modified structures

DOWNSTREAM ALUMINIUM: TRANSITIONING TO CLEANER ENERGY USE by Mr. R K Jain, Sr. Vice President – Corporate Affairs, Jindal Aluminium Limited

The aluminium industry has come a long way from the Hall-Heroult process using enormous electric power in 1866 to building

Parinee Aria – Juhu, exemplifying spacious homes with 3,4,5 BHK luxury residences

Super spacious apartments designed to offer a superior living experience Luxury homes that will offer splendid views from every apartment