Pune Gas revolutionizes the LPG industry with the introduction of India’s first compact LPG system for LOT-type LPG cylinders

The sweating or freezing of LPG cylinders is a common problem faced by commercial LPG users, leading to a loss of fuel and leaking profits. To overcome this problem, many users resort to unscientific and inefficient solutions that are massive safety hazards. The best and most efficient solution to this problem exists in the form of LOT (liquid off-take) cylinders. These cylinders provide an efficient solution to this problem, but the requirement of a vaporizer poses a challenge due to space constraints and high maintenance costs. This poses a significant problem for many commercial users like restaurants, hotels, eateries, canteens, central kitchens, and other commercial food service establishments with space constraints.

As a solution to this, Pune Gas – India’s pioneers in providing modern solutions to heat and gas needs showcased India’s first high off-take compact LPG System in the 37th edition of AAHAR. This LOT system (Liquid Off Take) is the country’s first high-efficiency dry-type vaporizer and is a game-changing solution for various industries, offering the best and most efficient solution to India’s most hazardous practices. Made to perfection with extensive research, the LPG vaporizer is a German Engineering – Made in India solution for the ever-changing gas needs of the country.

Jesal Sampat, Executive Director, Pune Gas, said, “We are thrilled to introduce the country’s first high off-take compact LPG system in the 37th edition of Aahar. The system will be a revolutionary model in the commercial foodservice and hospitality industries. Participating at Aahar has been an exciting experience post-pandemic. We believe we will make a real difference in India across industries by providing them with a reliable, compact, and easy-to-use made-in-India solution.”

This technology is India’s first compact LPG system that comes with a high-efficiency dry-type vaporizer. It is enclosed in a flame-proof panel, making it safe for use, and best suited for users who off-take or use LPG up to 50 kg/hr. To make the installation process more easier and friendly for LOT cylinders, the skid-mounted unit or the panel enclosure with plug-and-play functionality has been introduced. The LPG system is mounted on a heavy-duty fabricated MS structural skid and comes with cylinder manifolds with fittings. In the near future, the dry-type vaporizer will also come in two higher capacity models: 100 kg/hr and 200 kg/hr, providing flexibility to commercial users to choose the right size based on their LPG usage and requirements.

With this innovative product, Pune Gas is leading the way in transforming the way the industry would work in the coming future. This solution is compact, organized, and efficient, making it an excellent option for commercial LPG users who are looking for a hassle-free and safe solution to the problem of cylinder sweating and freezing.