Next- gen women entrepreneurs attaining Heights

Prerana Agarwal Saxena and Annushree Agarwal are offering wedding planning Services and placing India on the Global Map.

While women make up almost half of the Indian population, their share in the working force participation is only about a third when it comes to entrepreneurship. Although now, India is gradually coming up in its entrepreneur growth in a key demographic: ‘women’ and this is evident in the support and recognition given to growing businesses. Prerana Agarwal Saxena and Annushree Agarwal are one such team of sisters who are breaking stereotypes and changing the definition of entrepreneurship.

Based in Gurugram with an office in London, the sisters offer wedding planning and event management services to achieve opulent setups such as decor, set designing and venue lighting. On completing her MBA degree and a booming career in the banking sector, Prerana Agarwal finally became a professional in wedding design. Under her able leadership, the firm focuses on recreating different places of interest to deliver unique experiences. Prerana believes that ‘themes are all we live in’ and encourages the creation of thoughtfully detailed plans for the celebrations.

The firm’s USP is in their endeavour to take adequate safety precautions while offering no hidden costs, last-minute hassles or unpleasant surprises. TWD presents a myriad of services in the niche of weddings catering to distinct visions & needs. The planning process of Theme Weavers is extremely uncomplicated, based entirely on the expectations of the clients. They perceive the client’s insights & conceptualisation and strive to ensure that their special day becomes an unforgettable memory for life. They commit to offering exclusivity to all their designs to the extent that a web search for any of their ideation will also show only their company designs. This is a testimony to their unwavering grit & determination to never repeat a used concept.

Prerana and Annushree aim to uplift the designer wedding scenario in their decade-long legacy by educating the audience on the difference between a planner-manager and a fabricator-tent house and a designer. TWD’s elite clientele has evolved tastes, and inspire creativity to deliver ‘designer weddings’. From the royals of Rajasthan to the business houses in Delhi NCR to NRI’s in Goa; TWD has repeatedly woven magic & worked with the creme of India. Through flawless ideation and designing, Prerana hopes to put India on the global map through her wedding planning and management services. She believes that India has a lot to offer in terms of hospitality & cultural appeal, both of which have not been encouraged enough in the Indian wedding industry. Drawing the planners’ attention towards India as a place for a destination wedding, she began Royal Rendezvous, an event where planners from across the world are invited to experience India.

Prerana believes that honest communication is the key to any successful event. They find thrill in creating innovative experiences while ensuring that no two set designs are the same. As Anushree aspires to try everything at least once, they always explore each design with a 360-degree overview whether it is an exchange of planning ideas or design execution. For their unwavering design sight, TWD’s founders have been invited as speakers by eminent universities like Amity University, Pearl Academy & IGNOU. TWD has also been featured exclusively on the NDTV and has won the DWP awards for their picturesque locations and fabricating unforgettable experiences.

Prerana & Anushree are known to give equal opportunities to specially-abled child artists for designing while also contributing significantly towards NGOs and old age homes. They firmly believe that in choosing them as wedding designers, one inadvertently makes a choice to experience an event deep-rooted to their values along with familial warmth & originality. This is what they call weaving hope, from a dream into a theme!