A color kaleidoscope – Devi Ratn by Ar. Khozema Chitalwala, Principal Architect & Designer at Designers Group

The Devi Ratn Hotel at Jaipur boasts a beautiful and kaleidoscopic story made with gemstones and jewels. Astronomical design coupled with ingenious design has made this hotel in a league of its own. Expanding over an area of 20 acres, this work of stunning craftsmanship narrates an epistolary story of the rich cultural heritage of Jaipur. Keeping in mind a comprehensive design scheme for this hotel so that it doesn’t lose out on its individuality, Devi Ratn was immaculately planned by the Designers Group. 

Right off the bat, as one enters the hotel, a shimmering and glistening ceiling is adorned with various lighting elements. Kitschy decor pieces like that of a fully functioning auto-rickshaw and a grand chariot that flank traditional Jaipur art have been placed at the entrance as well. An airlock lobby decorated with unique local art gives the lobby a quaint charm. In order to avoid the lobby becoming a red monotone due to the red GRC architectural envelope, the lobby was flipped to accommodate colorful decor pieces, furniture layouts, and lighting elements. Additionally, touches include custom soft furniture with a motif of peacocks and butterflies from the regional Bharatpur sanctuary. In order to highlight the communal feeling of harmony and love, elegant creatures like peacocks were taken as an inspiration for the waiting room. The existing floor pattern in red chevron was retained in order to give an aura of magnificence.

Giving a new meaning to customization, each chair is made with a distinct set of prints and style, giving guests a warm feeling as if the chairs are specially designed for them. To transform the tunnel-like feeling of the interiors, chandeliers are smartly placed so that the interiors feel expansive and palatial in nature. The bravery of a Rajput ruler – Maharaja Jai Singh has been displayed, ensuring the creation of a royal aura for all the guests. Mirror embroidery reflecting the regal Rajasthani culture is designed to keep the gorgeous Haveli Darwaza as a backdrop. The chairs are similar to grand thrones placed in castles, making the guest feel a part of the royal family. Handicrafts emulating tiny indicators of Indian culture like elephants, trucks, and cartwheels are used as focal points for the interiors. 

Design and geometry have been fused together in this beautiful hotel, which gifts the guests with new experiences that come to Rajasthan to experience its charm. Capturing the essence of Jaipur perfectly, this hotel is sure to stay in each visitor’s heart for years to come.